The York Dungeon – Scare Yourself

The York Dungeon was the second Dungeon attraction created, the first being the London Dungeon in 1975. Like the London Dungeon, it was designed as a live action interactive horror show loosely based on factual events throughout history. Learning history has never been this fun!

There are 12 live shows and 9 live actors. 360° sets, full of authenticity and theatrical storytelling completely immerse you on your journey to receive a free checkup from our resident plague doctor! Or get lost in the Labyrinth of the Lost and learn about the legend of The Golden Fleece. Come face-to-face with sinister characters from York’s gruesome past, including traitorous plotter Guy Fawkes and the infamous highwayman Dick Turpin.

The latest attraction to grip the fantasies of York Dungeon visitors is called “Where is Jack?” On arrival visitors will get the local news from Sidney the Newspaper Boy that Jack is back! Then as you journey into the dark depths of the Dungeon you will meet Ann McDonald, a local ‘Working Girl’ and hear the latest news on the Ripper murders and sightings in York. Watch out for jumps, screams and spine chilling fun presented in The York Dungeon’s inimitable style. Visitors will also receive a free collectible ‘Vintage’ newspaper, dishing all the dirt on Jack the Ripper.

Why not meet Robert Aske? A Yorkshire lawyer who lead 40,000 Yorkshire supporters to stand up against King Henry VIII! Or step into St Mary’s Abbey and experience what happens to the peasants of York when Henry’s soldiers come back to settle the score! One of the funniest shows in The Dungeon is the Doctors Surgery! Find out what buboes are and how to spot the symptoms of the plague. You are urged to find out the intriguing tale of the two Williams and wander through The Shambles, or at least The York Dungeons take of it! And last but certainly not least, why not get lost in the catacombs! An experience that will haunt you for a very long time!

People around York all hold their breath for Halloween and The York Dungeon! Each year offers something even more spectacular or make your birthday an unforgettable adventure through York’s most horrific past. They’ll make sure that you and your party has the most horrible day!

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