Up at the O2 – Ascend

Three, two, one, Ascend! Since 2012, people have been walking, climbing, crawling over this renowned buildings roof, to gaze at the city-line below. Come and explore the O2 from a completely new perspective!

Up at the O2

Up at The O2 is a walkway that allows visitors to walk up the O2 building (previously known as the millennium building) in North Greenwich and view London below. The ascent and descent is at a 30 degree angle and the roof is 52 m above ground at its highest point.

The whole experience takes about 90 minutes and during that time you can take as many selfies of you and the skyline of London as possible! First step is to get into your climbing gear, this is crucial for obvious reasons! Next up is the climb which takes about an hour, depending on the speed of the group. Or your level of hangover/fear of heights! There are four different types of walks at Up at The O2, each providing a totally unique experience. The Original Expedition is all about climbing the roof during the day. On a clear day you can see landmarks up to 15 miles away! The Sunset expedition, as the name suggests, means that as the sun is setting you’ll be climbing up. You will be able to see London against the backdrop of an auburn sky, which is absolutely stunning! For those more adventurous types, you can even make the trip at night, with the stunning London nightlights brightening the whole experience! And for those of us that would love to be around their besties when they climb, visitors can book group trips for up to 30 of your friends!

London Skyline

The Iconic roof of the O2 Building in the foreground of a London Skyline.

General Guidelines

A few general guidelines for Up at The O2 include being physically fit – duh – as well as mentally fit. This is quite a height! Pregnant moms are adviced to rather refrain from climbing and you need to be at least 10 years old and at least 1.2m tall. You must not weigh more than 21 stone or 130 kg and have a waist measurement more than 125cm. Your upper thigh measurement cannot be more than 75cm. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult and there must be one adult to every two children.

If you can walk unaided, you can complete the climb which means that most disabled guests will be able to visit Up at The O2 as well. The venue also offers run accessible climbs for wheelchair users!

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