Chillingham Castle

Chillingham Castle in Northumberland is just as chilling as the name suggests!

Besides the many reported ghost sightings, there are instruments of torture and Dungeons and tales of ferocious battles which have taken place on the grounds that will intrigue even the most skeptical of guests! If that is not enough, the castle has got a herd of the only Wild Cattle left in the World!

Chillingham Ghost

The White Pantry Ghost asking for Water

Chillingham Castle ghosts

Chillingham Castle is home to Sir Humphry Wakefield and his family. The Castle has been in continued occupation of his wife’s family since the 1200’s. That’s like more than 400 years! Notable rooms in this Castle of honour include the Dungeon and a Torture Chamber. In the Dungeon a trap door reveals the bones of a small child. The Torture Chamber holds instruments such as a Stretching Rack and an Iron Maiden!

Chillingham Castle has its fair share of ghosts. The White Pantry Ghost is quite a famous one. She roams around the castle looking for water, shame bless her soul, she seems to have been poisoned. Another pair of ghosts who reside here are in the chapel. Here two men are said to be heard whispering. These voices stop whenever someone tries to look for them.

The Castle holds ghost tours of the haunted areas and grounds throughout the year which last about 2 hours, depending on whether the ghosts are active or not! They also hold all-night Vigils with their resident paranormal team. This team is lead by Graham Burney and promises a night to remember!

Chillingham Castle Accommodation

Chillingham Castle is glamorous. The decor is unchanged throughout the millennia. There are apartments to let in the actual Castle itself, for that hands on approach to ghost hunting and the coach rooms are tastefully done up . Chillingham Castle can be booked by groups as well Рbe it Christmas, Halloween or any other special occasion people can think of! Weddings  held here are quite spectacular with the photos taken in the romantic Italian Garden or the surrounding woodlands.

Chillingham Castle will provide you with an experience you will never forget!

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