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The British Museum – An important place

Most people know that the British Museum has been around for a long time. It has been around for over 255 years already! The Museum was created on the collections from Sir Hans Sloane,...

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The Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum

The Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum is located within the historic docks in the city of Gloucester and chronicles the lives of the The Gloucestershire Regiment (The Glorious Glosters), including their antecedents, The 28th Regiment of Foot/61st...

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Ryedale Folk Museum – Preserve the past

Britain’s Rich cultural heritage is perfectly displayed in this quaint open air museum which lies in the heart of the North York Moors, truly a must see for everyone in the family, including the...

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SeaCity Museum – The Titanic Story

The Titanic has captured the minds and hearts of people around the world for over a century already and the SeaCity Museum was designed to pay homage to this fated ship, the ship that...

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RAF Museum London

The collections in RAF Museum London include some very early aircraft designs through to the latest modern day jets and military aircraft.

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National Motor Museum, Beaulieu

The National Motor Museum was founded in 1952 by Edward Douglas-Scott-Montagu, 3rd Baron Montagu of Beaulieu, as a tribute to his father, who was one of the great pioneers of motoring in the United...

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Museum of London – Life of a Londoner

The Museum of London emphasizes  archaeological discoveries, the built city, urban development and London’s social and cultural life, featuring interactive displays and activities for all ages!

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The Old Operating Theatre – Unbelievable

The Operating Theatre (operating or emergency room) is found in the roof space of an English Baroque Church. At first glance this placement seems bizarre. It makes more sense when it is realised that...

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National Space Centre

Created in 2001 the centre is based around several exhibitions and live shows that really bring to life all that space has to offer!

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London Transport Museum

The Museum is based in Covent Garden and was created in 2000 from a collection of all London Transport vehicles collected throughout history!

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HMS Belfast – Still standing strong

The Belfast is one of only three ships from the D-Day fleet that haven’t been scrapped and serve as museum ships! The ship is the last remaining light cruiser from the Royal Navy’s WWII...

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The Helicopter Museum

Featuring around 100 unique helicopters from around the world, this Helicopter Museum in Somerset is said to be the largest dedicated helicopter museum in the world! Come and spend a day here and you...

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Fashion Museum – Founded by Doris Langley Moore

One woman’s passion became a magnificent museum with over 100,000 visitors each year! Situated in the Gregorian Assembly Rooms, the Fashion Museum is a must see for your visit in Bath. Originally called The Museum...