Monthly Archive: May 2016

The Granadier Pub exterior 0

The Grenadier Pub – Cedric’s haunt

The Grenadier Pub is another one to add to London’s delightful haunted history. The Grenadier Pub is said to be haunted by a young grenadier called Cedric and thanks to Cedric, this pub tucked...

York Dungeon entrance 0

The York Dungeon – Scare Yourself

The York Dungeon was the second Dungeon attraction created, the first being the London Dungeon in 1975. Like the London Dungeon, it was designed as a live action interactive horror show loosely based on...

Waddesdon Manor grounds 0

Waddesdon Manor

Known as one of the last surviving ‘goût Rothschild’ venues, Waddesdon Manor showcases the best 18th-century portraits by British artists Reynolds, Gainsborough and Romney. With around 335 000 visitors annually, this mansion is a...

Sutton Hoo shoulder clasp 0

Sutton Hoo – Burial grounds

One of the greatest finds in British history was waiting for England as she was on the brink of war! Come travel to Sutton Hoo and discover the burial grounds of a Great Anglo-Saxon...

Spaniard's Inn exterior 0

The Spaniard’s Inn – Bravo

The Spaniard’s Inn is a historical marvel! Not only did Bram Stoker compose Dracula in it, but Charles Dickens was a regular at the pub as well! Not to mention Byron and Keats!

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The Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum

The Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum is located within the historic docks in the city of Gloucester and chronicles the lives of the The Gloucestershire Regiment (The Glorious Glosters), including their antecedents, The 28th Regiment of Foot/61st...