10 Different Days Out in Britain

The British are always up for any kind of adventure. This is a list of different adventures that few people have thought of doing. Why not try attempting at least one of these to obtain the title of ” Being Courageous and Daring!”


Fly like an Eagle:

Try your hand at inventing a flying machine? Then you can compete in the International Bognor Birdman Competition!
This prestigious affair occurs every Summer in Bognor Regis, situated on England’s South Coast. People launch themselves and their flying contraptions off the pier of Bognor Regis into the ocean during high tide and the distance flown is measured from Pier to landing spot. Prizes are awarded for the most points gained through flying the furthest distances.
Sounds easy right? Give it a try!

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Bognor Birdman contestant

This brave soul is about to take the plunge!


Be your own Racetrack Driver:

At Santa Pod Raceway in Northampton you can bring your mean muscle machine and try it out on a mean unforgiving dragstrip. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?
For a mere 30 quid you can take your car or motorbike onto the quarter-mile dragstrip and “test” its performance levels to your heart’s content. You might even be able to race against other mean muscle machines in an “ultimate test” of British Champions!
At the end of the run you will receive a personal brag sheet/performance print-out.
Don’t forget now: Run What Ya Brung!

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Small car on Santa Pod Raceway

Floor it Tod!

Scramble through holes:

Derbyshire provides one of the best caving experiences in Britain,  go and get dirty!
People are suited up and then taken through a labyrinth of exquisite limestone caves. Expert guides explain how the formations were created, as well as how they were found and subsequently explored. Level 2 climbers can even try their hand at abseiling into various caves as well as climbing narrow ladders back up to the surface!
Riveting stuff, this caving!

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Enter at your own risk

Entrance to an amazing adventure!


Go Cuckoo:

A visit to Cuckooland is a once in a lifetime adventure. Everyone needs to experience Cuckooland at least once!
Cuckooland offers its visitors a rare glimpse into the world of the cuckoo clock! Here you can view all sorts of Cuckoo Clocks that have been meticulously sourced and lovingly brought back to life by two brothers. There is even a large collection of Authentic Black Forest tools and machines used to repair the vast collection.This British collection is one of the most important collection of Cuckoo clocks in the world!
Definitely not something to be missed!


Alpine Cuckoo Clock

A Perfect example of a Black Forest Cuckoo Clock.

Be a Diggerman – or woman:

Boys and their toys will forever be, especially in this theme park! Meet Diggerland, a theme park whose sole purpose is to let boys, girls, men and woman operate heavy equipment – for fun!
These amazing parks situated in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire provide fun for the whole family! Why not try the Spindizzy? Where you are strapped into a super-sized digger bucket and then get tossed around? Or maybe the JCB 3CX, Backhoe Loader? Be taken for a ride as a family and maybe a very lucky dad can even try to drive one of these behemoths.
Be a man in a giant theme park!


Spindizzy ride in Diggerland

Spin high, spin low, Spindizzy!

Go round and round the Merry-go-round:

The Thursford Collection is anything but ordinary!
Here you can encounter fairground rides from as early as 1896 or stare in wonder at the mighty Wurlitzer! The Wurlitzer is a cinema organ who has captured audience ears, as well as imagination ever since the 1900’s!
Do yourself a favour and visit this special place.

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A small section of the Mighty Wurlitzer

The Mighty Wurlitzer has captivated audiences for years.

Gurn to win:

Why not enter a competition in the ancient tradition of gurning?
Every year millions of people come to pull funny faces to walk away with the honour and trophy of Britain’s funniest gurn face.
Egremont Crab fair, established in 1267 which makes it one of the oldest fairs of all. The World Gurning Championship is almost as old, with entries from 1945. A gurn is usual made by pushing the lower jaw as far forward and up as possible and covering the upper lip with the lower lip.
Gurn on, soldier!


Gurn champions

Just to think you can win prizes with these ugly faces!


Be a zoo keeper:

Nothing screams love of animals more than mucking out stalls!
Luckily Britain’s amazing zoos allow people to show their appreciation of animals by providing volunteer programs. The programs are offered at Bristol, London, Whipsnade and even Chester Zoo. Volunteer programs include Garden Volunteer, Keeper Volunteer, and even presentations volunteer! Which means you don’t need to muck out stalls if you don’t want to!
Be a part of something bigger!

Places to stay close to Britol Zoo 


Flamingo Pen in Bristol Zoo

Cleaning out the Flamingo pen is one of the many jobs you get to do in Bristol Zoo!


View London in a completely different way:

The ArcelorMittal Orbit built as part of the 2012 London Olympic games truly redefines the way you look at London!
This is Britain’s largest sculpture standing at 114m with the slide being a phenomenal 178m long! You will descend this tube an incredible 12 times coming to an end after a breathtaking 50m drop back down to earth.
The ArcelorMittal Orbit, named as the number one thing to do in Britain is wonderful! Come and experience it for yourself!

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ArcelorMitta Orbit

This is just the top of the ArcelorMitta Orbit.


A Door in a Wall – An appetite for Murder:

Why not become a famous detective for a day! With ‘ A Door in the Wall’s interactive games, this could become a reality!
These ingenious plotters started out making games just for friends, and have now turned their games into a million pound business.
In “An appetite for Murder” a chef is killed and it’s your team’s quest to discover the killer by running through London’s busy streets picking up clues.
Can your genius crack the case?


Magnifying glass

Can you solve the clues in time?


Hope you enjoyed our selection of 10 Different days out in Britain and ultimately our greatest wish is that you participate and let us know how it went!

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