10 Different Days out in Birmingham

Birmingham has steadily risen through the ranks in British history. From being a major player in the industrial revolution to blossoming into a booming tourist town. Here are just a few things you can do in this wondrous city: 


Be a Scientist:

Birmingham’s Thinktank planetarium offers more to do in one day that many other museums offer in a lifetime!

This massive museum has ten different galleries, each individually themed with hands on displays that will let your imagination soar. See what makes Steam Engines work. Or try your hand at discovering if you can invent a new scientific formula!

End the day off in the planetarium, with a 360 degree view into the recess of space and time. Let your mind expand!




Robothespian at the Thinktank

Robothespian is waiting to greet you at the Birmingham Thinktank.

Become a Birmingham sailor for the day!

Birmingham has the largest system of canals in of England. There are over 100 miles of canals in the Birmingham Canal Navigations system!

One can take a leisurely cruise through these canals on any one of the many leisure boat companies operating from the Gas Street Basin. These wonderful trips can either be an informative trip, giving you more of a history of Birmingham’s heyday. Or a relaxing one where you can find a secluded canal and have a family picnic.

Go on, become Captain Hook for one day Dad!


Barge on a Birmingham Canal

Just one of the many barges you can take an adventure on.

Live like a Lady of the Manor:

If one is in need of a pampering, then Winterbourne House comes highly recommended!

Learn all about the life and times of an Edwardian Family of High Standing. View the exquisite antiques and listen to stories of the Nettlefold family all the while being pampered by attentive staff on hand for any questions. Afterwards go for a stroll in the Botanical Gardens and finish the day off with a cup of tea in the exquisite Terrace Tea Room.

Come Darling, to tea, to tea!


Winterbourne House Terrace

Enjoy a cup of tea on the Terrace of the lovely Winterbourne House.

Be inspired:

Birmingham was once one of the biggest Pen suppliers in the World!

Discover how the Birmingham Pen became one of the biggest exports of England at the Pen Museum and what made these pens so special! Try your hand at writing with different pens from the different ages. Hopefully you’ll become so inspired with these pens that you take one home and become the next Top-selling novelist!

You’ll never know, if you don’t try!


Town Planning ink on display

Bottles of ink on display at the Pen Museum in Birmingham.

Act like a kid again:

A trip to Cadbury World is a given when you visit Birmingham.

Let your mind and taste buds wander all over this glorious place. With 14 different interactive sections that hold rides and games and chocolate making experiences, you’ll feel as if you have gone to heaven! For a break from all the excitement, you could also meander through the Bournville village, created exclusively for the Cadbury factory workers.

Experience the joy of chocolate for one whole day!


Cadbury World Entry Sign

Everyone’s welcome at Cadbury World!

Be a Baker:

Sarehole Mill has operated every day since 1592 and the mill still churns out meal flour every Wednesday and Sunday. The mill also offers a host of workshops such as bread baking and cookie making and even boasts a very distinct connection with JRR Tolkien. He lived across the road from the mill and has said to have used the mill as inspiration for his magnificent novel, Lord of the Rings.

Be inspired by this great setting in the countryside.


Sarehole Mill exterior

Come volunteer at the Sarehole Mill.

Escape to a bygone era:

Come to the Black Country Living Museum to skip gaily through the cobbled streets of yesteryear!

Walk among shops and houses, schools and even a fairground and interact with costumed characters that will tell you the history of Birmingham like you’ve never heard it before. Or taste the authentic fish and chips, made the 1930’s way! Take a trip on a vintage bus, or explore an underground mine.

The experiences are there for the taking!


Tour truck in Black Country Living Museum

Experience the life of yesteryear!

Look at rocks:

The Lapworth Museum of Geology is an outstanding £2.7m project showcasing fossils and rocks from over 3.5 million years ago! Situated right in the heart of Birmingham, this magnificent museum houses one of the UK’s top geological collections. Learn how fossils are created and how geologists can tell the history around an area just by looking at layers of rock.

Be inspired to become a geologist one day!


Lapworth Museum entrance

Through these doors is a wealth of knowledge.

Come face to face with a shark:

With their new 360 degree Ocean tunnel, National Sealife Birmingham is taking the land by storm! Or ocean, whichever you prefer!

Marvel at the variety of sea life they have on offer. Come face to face with a Bowmouth Guitarfish and even the Moray Eel! The all new interactive pools and penguin show offer a variety of entertainment.

Stare at your worst fear face to face and fall in love with the ocean today!


Bowmouth Guitarfish at Sealife Birmingham.

View these magnificent creatures and more at National Sealife Birmingham.

Be a maze runner:

Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens is a hidden treasure right in the heart of Birmingham.

This 10 acre walled garden is an amazing example of an English Baroque Styled Garden from the 1600’s. The Holly maze is designed by George London and Henry Wise and is modeled on the same pattern as that of Hampton Court Palace! The Gardens also offer workshops during weekends and holidays for the whole family.



Bromwhich Hall Gardens

You’ll be so happy you found these amazing gardens.


Go on. Grab Birmingham by the hands and enjoy all the science and technology it has to offer! Look here at all the accommodation Birmingham has to offer!


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 8. Lapworth Museum Entrance
 9. Bowmouth Guitarfish at National Sealife Birmingham
 10. Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens

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